(JESUS, of Nazareth)


Before there was doctrine, there was Jesus.
Before there was business, there was Jesus.
Before there was judgement, and then there was Jesus.
It is my belief that Jesus is enough.   
dennis wheeler

    It was in 2000 that I looked at the web as a coming forum that would be more affordable to me than publishing books. I thought of a proper name for a website that dealt with my Unorthodox ideas about my own Christian journey. I was led to register for the domain name UNORTHODOX CHRISTIANITY.  Now, 15 years later as of this update, I am amazed when I look into the search engines and see so much of Unorthodox Christianity about the net, here and worldwide. I have done some minor redesigning with this version, but none of the philosophy has changed.
                                                                                         I may as well begin the controversy here.
In my opinion, throughout history, Organized, and  what most people catagorize as Orthodox Religions, belief systems, and ideologies have caused more misery and more sorrow to more people than most if not all of mankinds nasty other inventions.  For all of the good that individual Christians and so, so many individuals from any of the great variety of other religious banners do, under the direction of the organization that their given church has structured , has been less than positive.

Alfred Noble does not hold a candle to organized religion. Gunpowder, nuclear weapons, military prowess, none hold the destructive capability in their hands to the extent that organized and orthodox religion has. This is why UNORTHODOX CHRISTIANITY became so important to me many years ago. As a teenager, in the brashness of my youth, I read the red print in the concordance Bible that I had been given as a youth. In my readings I failed to find any of the judgementalness in Jesus that came out of the mouths of my "Christian" peers.  Under the intense scrutiny of one's peers in any setting, I attempted to catagorize my personal religious belief system in the context of the materials I had  studied.  I jokingly would refer myself as "I am a Buddhist Jew."
What I once approached with humor, I have come to recognize as more truth than fictionalization. The longer that this web site has been in existence, the more I recognize that there are many members of this system whom I never see and only sparingly hear from. The disappointment with Orthodox Christianity is being replaced by many of us who do not think outside the box, we have discovered the box, Unorthodox Christianity.   Without the benefit of the rest of the Bible, the
red print
builds a very different belief system out of teachings of a carpenter's son from a small town in the middle East 2,000 + years ago.

After years  of  teaching Bible studies, leading discussion groups, preparing and presenting sermons as well as leading youth and adult study camps and prgrams, I have learned that Jesus was much more of a Buddhist than he would have ever been called a Christian by todays standards. As I recognized the  inconsistencies between Jesus and Mainline Christians  I determined that I would in this forum publish what I believe, both in song and in my writings. Today, that forum is possible through the wonder of the internet. The writings are postings that I add to periodically. The music will change once in awhile, and may only be snippets for now. Commentaries will be found to be controversial and for many the word blasphemy will be tossed about. 
To those who ask what I believe I say that I follow  a Buddhist thinking Jewish Rabbi who is as radical today as he was in his own time.

Each link to the left takes you to a page of writings of different variety, music, or poetry, or commentary on the days events. It may be the Church of the Open Mind that is a collection of  Random workday thoughts, or Tidbits, the proverbials that have been taught to me by mentors over thousands of years  just within my frame of existing. The Writings and Sermons go more in depth, and On Politics is more synicism than preaching.
You will find no building to go to, no crosses to buy or offerrings to make. There are more than enough avenues for you to give money for charity and I needn't be one.
Contact me with comments via the contact me page. Watch for more posts periodically.
Enjoy the Unorthodox ministry that follows.
I look forward to welcoming you into the Unorthodox Christian Church.
No buildings, no donations, just Love One Another, Respect One Another, Expect the Best from one another.
"Who you know is not as important as how you treat those people whom you meet" dw